Training and Teaching

The surgery is heavily committed to the training and teaching of both medical and nursing staff. We believe that the stimulus provided by training is good for both the practice and our patients.

We are involved in ‘postgraduate’ General Practice training for qualified junior doctors. We have specific approval for the training of hospital doctors in the special skills of general practice. These doctors work in placements with us for periods of four months to one year or more. Some of these doctors are being trained by us for careers in General Practice, whilst others are gaining experience in General Practice as a foundation before pursuing careers in different hospital specialities. These doctors are fully qualified and often bring with them skills and expertise from recent hospital placements.

We also sometimes have involvement in the teaching of medical students, learning both general medical skills and more specifically about general practice. The proportion of medical student training that takes place in general practice rather than hospitals is increasing greatly, and is set to increase further. We believe that this is a good thing, but we do value and appreciate your help in this process, which is obviously very important!

If the doctor or nurse that you are booked to see is accompanied by a medical student, student nurse or GP / doctor in training then you should be informed when you book the appointment and when you arrive for the consultation. If you would rather see the doctor or nurse alone then please let the receptionist know, and your wishes will be respected without question.