Notification of changes to Extended Access and Opening / Closing times

From 1st August 2019, you will see some changes to our opening and closing times on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Currently we deliver extended hours on a Tuesday evening until 8pm and from 7am on a Wednesday morning, with appointments also available at Sollershott Surgery in the evenings and at weekends.

On the 1st June 2019, Birchwood Surgery along with the other Letchworth Practices, Baldock and Ashwell Practice became a Primary Care Network (PCN), known as Icknield PCN. This was encouraged through the BMA GP England committee and NHS England, through national contract negotiations for the development and rollout of PCN’s.

PCNs are groups of GP practices working more closely together, with other primary and community care staff and health organisations, providing integrated services to their local populations.

With the Icknield PCN now in place, there have been discussions about how we will continue to deliver the Extended Hours Access allocation.

The Icknield PCN was required to make a decision by 1st July 2019 on how the extended hours provisions would be managed and an agreement was made that Sollershott Surgery would take on a large proportion of these hours required to be provided.

The PCN would like Birchwood Surgery to deliver 2.5hrs of the original 7.5hrs per week allocation, which will be run on a Wednesday early morning from 7.30am with face to face appointments, with the other allocated time being picked up by the Partners in the evenings between 18.30-19.00 through telephone consultations.

This means that Birchwood Surgery will no longer remain open until 20:00pm on a Tuesday evening and will open at 07:30am on a Wednesday morning, appose to 7:00am.

Please refer to our newsletter or website for further information regarding extended access clinics.

Thank you
Birchwood Surgery